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The following is a list of the on-line pad files:

PADRING Pad File XML Format

ShareGuard Pad File XML Format

ShareGuard Pad File HTML Format

JpegGuard Pad File XML Format

JpegGuard Pad File HTML Format

eBookGuard Pad File XML Format

eBookGuard Pad File HTML Format

MP3Guard Pad File XML Format

MP3Guard Pad File HTML Format

Type4Me Pad File XML Format

Type4Me Pad File HTML Format

zMailGuard Pad File XML Format

zMailGuard Pad File HTML Format

TGPSoft Pad File XML Format

TGPSoft Pad File HTML Format

MovieGuard Pad File XML Format

MovieGuard Pad File HTML Format

PDFGuard Pad File XML Format

PDFGuard Pad File HTML Format

For more information about Pad Files then see the ASP Pad site.

Developers can download the Pad Generator from the ASP Pad site.

How to format XML Pad Files using PHP can be found here.
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